Legislative Agenda

As a member of the Green Party, I abide by the principles and values contained within our Ten Key Values, and the positions delineated in the Green Party Platform.  These are the documents that guide the positions I take on issues specific to New York and my district.

The following is a list of items for which I would introduce legislation if elected to the State Senate. This is by no means a complete list. These are issues for which I have either advocated, or that were brought to my attention by other activists and advocates in the community. Please contact me with inquiries about my position on any issue that I haven’t listed by visiting my Community Forum page. You can also see answers that I’ve provided on questionnaires and surveys that have been sent to me by various advocacy groups on my “Questionnaire Responses” page which can be found under the “My Campaign” tab:


  • Support of “100% by 2030” initiative to transition to renewable energy.
  • Develop a “Just Transition” program for the retraining of workers in dirty energy industries to guaranteed jobs in alternative green energy companies.
  • Ban the use of plastic bottles and plastic bags. Demand biodegradable alternatives. Return to the use of reusable, recyclable glass deposit bottles.
  • Ban on the storage of fracked water and other fracking materials in, or transport of these materials through, NY State.
  • Organic gardens in all public schools, maintained by students, with vegetables grown used for school lunches.
  • Encourage and promote community gardens / urban farms.
  • An end to the “nuclear era,”starting with the closing and decommissioning of all nuclear power facilities in NY, including the Indian Point plant just 25 miles from NYC, and eventually all nuclear facilities world wide.
  • Support animal rights, including a ban on the use of carriage horses in NYC.
  • Support for Water Justice. Demand safe, accessible, clean water for all. Stop the privatization of water supplies. End the outrageous, exorbitant price gouging by bottled water suppliers.


  • Raise the minimum wage to union scale wages of  $22-30/hour. No one can realistically live on $15/hour.
  • A social security for-all-basic income.
  • Single payer medicare-for-all healthcare.
  • Repeal the Urstadt Law, returning rent and eviction protection control to NYC home rule.
  • Revoke licenses for all charter schools. Provide 100% funding to public schools.
  • An end to the Work Experience Program (WEP) requirement for those receiving public assistance.
  • An end to the unconditional support of,  and aid to, the government of Israel; guarantee and protection of the right to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement against the government of Israel by academic institutions in NY State.
  • Advocate for the renaming of “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous Peoples Day.”
  • Reparations for indigenous peoples and descendants of the enslaved.


  • Support for “Open Discovery” and the repeal of Criminal Procedure Law 240. (Visit www.discoveryforjustice.org for more information on open discovery.)
  • Alternatives to incarceration.
  • Work with criminal justice advocacy groups to draft a plan to close Rikers Island that doesn’t include redistributing the problems by constructing new jails in other boroughs.
  • Ban the practice of juveniles being tried and convicted as adults.
  • Abolish solitary confinement in the NY State prison system.
  • Prevent the introduction of for-profit prisons in NY State or the privatization of current prison facilities.


  • Changes in NY State Election Law to introduce Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), proportional representation, and a “None of the Above” choice in all elections in NY State.
  • Abolish fusion voting, and the attendant Wilson-Pakula authorization law, and Opportunity to Ballot petitioning provision.
  • Ban the use of all electronic voting systems, in favor of a full hand counted paper ballot system.
  • Restore the right to vote to the incarcerated.
  • Elected Community Boards (as opposed to appointments)

I welcome your comments and suggestions. They can either be posted here in the comments section or on my Community Forum page.


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