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Election Results

As I retool and gear up for a run for City Council in 2017, I want to thank the 2,400+ voters that cast their vote for me on Tuesday. I received a total of 2,437: 2,212 in the Bronx portion of SD34 and 255 in the Westchester County portion. This represents 2.56% of the overall vote but, when void and blank votes are removed, it’s 3%. This is above average for Green candidates in New York City. I expect to be closer to 2,500 when absentee and military ballots are counted.

What’s more significant to me, however,  is that I received more than ten times more votes than there are Green enrollees (218 as of April 25, 2016) in SD 34. This says to me that the message of my campaign and the Green Party resonates with more voters than just base supporters. It resonates with voters who are fed up with the corrupt politics of Albany and lack of leadership and responsiveness by our elected officials. Now our job is to build upon these numbers so that we can offer a viable, positive alternative down the road. In fact, my vote totals have been increasing steadily with each race in which I’ve run. I received more than double the votes this year than I did in my first campaign in 2012.

In 2017, I’ll be running for NY City Council in District 18 which covers the Bronx River, Castle Hill, Clason Point, Harding Park, Parkchester, Soundview, Unionport and Zerega sections of the Bronx. I trust I’ll have your support and encouragement once again.



Campaign Event: Legislative Breakfast


I’ve been invited by the Westchester County Medical Society to a legislative breakfast on Sunday, Sept. 25. I’ll have an opportunity to speak, and to answer questions from the attendees. WCMS will be sending me a list of topics. I’ve seen every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” so I think I’ll be quite prepared.

I have done some real research. WCMS seems to be a politically progressive organization, from what I’ve read on their website and in their newsletters. They’re certainly opposed to corporate greed and government collusion in regard to healthcare. This might just be my kind of audience. I’ll be pitching single payer healthcare and the shutting down of the Indian Point nuclear facility.

And I’ll get to mingle with other candidates and elected officials from Westchester. [Note to self: Must remember to refrain as much as possible from calling them the enemy, criminals, or capitalist lackey dogs, as I’ll be the only Green there. Tact and charm, Carl, tact and charm. In any event, there’ll be plenty of doctors there…just in case.]