Political / Campaign Notes — 10/17/17

I received my NYC Campaign Finance Board Voter Guide in the mail today. You’ll find me on the Green Party line as the only true independent alternative in opposition to Democrat Ruben Diaz, Sr., Democrat Michael Beltzer (running on the Liberal Party line); Democrat William Moore (running on the Reform Party line); and Conservative Eduardo Ramirez (who didn’t provide a profile). Looks like Republican Eisley Constantine didn’t make the cut.
I’ll also be easier to find on the ballot, as the Green Party is the 4th ranked party in NY State behind (in order) Dems, Reps and Cons.
I think it’s interesting and telling that so many candidates this year have chosen to run on independent lines rather than accept the results of their parties primaries. Having more choices is always good for democracy. 
Also interesting that — at least in my district — 3 of the the other 4 recognized parties — Working Families, Independence, and Womens Equality (the Reform Party line has William Moore) —  are not running candidates or fusing with candidates of other parties.

Political Notes: A Green Alternative in District 18

With Primary Day behind us and Election Day on the horizon, something interesting has happened in Council District 18: there is no Democrat on the ballot for the council seat. Oh, sure, Ruben Diaz, Sr. has the official Dem Party ballot line, but he’s a Republican in every other way and sense of the word. And there is Michael Beltzer, who lost to Diaz in the Primary. But he also petitioned as an independent and will appear on the ballot under the Liberal Party name (not sure I’d want to be associated with the resurrection of a party that lost ballot status under the leadership of corrupt political boss Ray Harding). And then there is Republican Eisley Constatntine, who seems to more of a paper candidate than one of flesh and blood. I guess Reps have to show proof of life once in a while.

With this motley crew representing the corporate capitalist interests, there is only one anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, unbought, unbossed, Eco-Socialist and Green alternative to vote for. That would be me.

My campaign offers an ideological, principled, ethical program that is diametrically opposed to the mainstream, moribund, regressive, hackneyed, conservative agenda offered by Diaz Sr. Never forget that it was Diaz, along with disgraced pols Pedro Espada, Hiram Monserrate, and Carl Kruger, who in 2008,  jumped ship to join with Senate Republicans, effectively shutting down the legislative process for months.

Diaz has a tenuous connection at best with our community. His Senate District covers only a small area of the 18th. It’s also questionable that he actually resides in the district.

One also has to wonder why Diaz would want to give up his high profile Senate seat for a lowly City Council seat. There must be a musty whiff of legal tender wafting his way.

This is my district. I was raised here, went to school here, worked here, participated in community life here. I know my district. My mission is to maintain the stability we’ve always had, and to ensure that stability through sustainability. Our community will flourish when the needs of our friends and neighbors are met first and foremost.

On Tuesday, November 7th, vote Carl Lundgren for City Council and the entire Green Party citywide slate: Akeem Browder for Mayor; Julia Willebrand for Comptroller; James Lane for Public Advocate.