Wednesday, July 17, 2013 – Protest at Bronx Democratic County Committee Annual Dinner

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 Saturday, Oct 6, 2012 – Interviewed on 89.3 FM Digital

With Joe Diaferia (l), Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress (CD16, Bronx-Westchester) and Tom Siracuse,Green Party candidate for NY State Senate(SD29, Manhattan-Bronx)

 Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 – Green Candidates Speak Out on Climate Change at the Yippie Cafe


Giving my presentation.

 Saturday, Sept. 23, 2012 – 3rd Annual Hutchinson River Clean Up at Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary, Pelham Bay Park

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 Saturday, June 23, 2012 – Color Him Love: A Tribute to Progressive Fathers
Green Team Fundraiser at the 6th Street Community Center, LOISAIDA, NY

Performing “For What It’s Worth” with Green Party candidate for Congress (CD 16 Bronx/Westchester), Joseph Diaferia

Protest at the Army Corps of Engineers HQ in Federal Plaza with NY Contra El Gasoducto after ACE refused to translate Environmental Impact Statement regarding the Via Verde pipeline into Spanish.

Performing at the No Al Gasoducto Fundraiser, Sept. 2011

Another shot from the No Al Gasoducto BBQ

Green Party demonstration at Red Cross HQ in Manhattan demanding contributions be released to Haiti after the earthquake. – December, 2010
Back: Tom Siracuse, John Reynolds, Carl Lundgren
Front: Gwen Debrow, Colia Clark, Jeff Peress

Interview with Daily News explaining problems and issues at the site of the Soundview Composting Facility. – October, 2010

Video screen shot from interview with NY1 at the demonstration in support of Hispanic and African-American employees of Woodlawn Cemetery – the Band of Brothers – protesting racism at the cemetery.

Demonstration in front of the home of Sen. Jeff Klein in support of housing and tenants rights. – June, 2010

Performing at Green Party candidates forum in Sunnyside, Queens – 2009

Tabling with Bronx Greens at the Bronx Parks Speak Up, February 28, 2009
l to r: Michael Acosta, Walt Nestler, Carl Lundgren, John Rogers, Fay Muir

Bronx Greens Book Fair, April, 2008
l to r: Mark Goret (Conservative Party District Leader AD81), Michael O’Neil, Carl Lundgren, Mike Popowich, Jerry Kann


Rally at Kingsbridge Armory in support of community involvement with development plans. October 27, 2007