Campaign Notes #2: I’m not a politician

I don’t consider myself a leader,but I’m not, and nor will I ever be a politician.

I’ve been watching the series “Sense8” on Netflix. I found this piece of dialog from the character, Capheus Onyango, who operates his own bus service, very interesting. He’s being interviewed on TV after having defused a potentially dangerous situation in his community over water rights. The interviewer asks him if he thinks the problems are political. He answers: “Who am I to answer such a question? I drive a bus. If I didn’t take people where they have me to take them, I wouldn’t expect them to get back on my bus. We expect leaders to take us where we want to go. The problem seems to me when they don’t, and things don’t improve. And yet these leaders keep expecting us to get on their bus. I think this is when leaders become something else.”
Interviewer: “What?”
Capheus: “Politicians.”


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