Interview with Fria Tidningen

friaOn Thursday of this past week, I sat for what turned out to be a three hour interview with Swedish journalist Helena Gustavsson with the newspaper Fria Tidningen*.

Helena is writing a piece on third party candidates (I prefer the term “alternative,” myself) and thought I would be a good candidate to interview. My Swedish ancestry didn’t hurt either. The article will focus on the problems and advantages of running as an alternative party candidate both locally and nationally.

We conducted the interview in my neighborhood at George’s Diner on the corner of Westchester and Zerega Aves. I had to advise Helena that once I started talking I probably wouldn’t stop, and would digress, and when that started happening, just interrupt and get me back on track. She did…more than once…and very tactfully.

We spoke about my family, upbringing, education, activism, political beliefs…and pizza. I talked about the events and experiences in my life that resulted in my becoming a Green and running for office.

We then talked about the Jill Stein campaign, Bernie Sanders, socialism, the electoral system and process, and the state of the Green Party within all of this.

We finished the interview with Helena taking some photos. I’ll post the pics and interview as soon as I get them.

*Fria Tidningen is distributed free. It’s politically independent, progressive and left leaning. Until very recently, it was produced by a cooperative owned and operated by the journalists and employees themselves – a model I fully support – but in switching to a digital format and market, the cooperative found it necessary to partner with a media group called ETC for financial reasons and for increased distribution and marketing. This paper and it’s sister publications will continue to be distributed free.


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