Lundgren leads off the 2016 season with a double

I’m pleased to announce that my 2016 campaign for NY State Senate will get an early start with a pair of interviews  on Blog Talk Radio – Campaign 2016 with Stewart Alexander this Wednesday, Oct. 14 and next Wednesday, Oct. 21. You may recall that Stewart was the Socialist Party USA candidate for President— along with Alejandro “Alex” Mendoza for VP — in 2012. Having this opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts with you is an exciting and positive note on which to begin the campaign. Links to the interviews will be posted on this website.

Here are the interview details:

“New York State Senate Candidate Carl Lundgren will be our guest to discuss his campaign representing the New York State Senate District 34; the district represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester County.

Carl Lundgren is registered with the Green Party; however, Lundgren considers himself an ecosocialist. He will discuss his plans to create an independent Ecosocialist Party ballot line to run on in 2016 along with the Green line. Carl Lundgren will also join us on Campaign 2016 with Stewart Alexander on Wednesday October 21, 2015 to discuss how he plans to make a difference in New York State politics.”

Tune in to Blog Talk Radio, Campaign 2016 with Stewart Alexander, 7:00 PM Eastern and 4:00 PM Pacific. Call in to chat during the show: 516-418-5951.


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