Campaign follow up: keep on growing

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who voted for me yesterday. The unofficial vote total from the Board of Elections is 1,547 votes representing 4% of all votes cast in SD34. This is my best showing to date. It is also the highest percentage a Green Party candidate running in the Bronx has ever received. I expect the certified total will be slightly higher once absentee and military ballots are counted in the next couple of weeks.

This election was historic for the Green Party of New York State in a number of aspects. Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins received more than 170,000 votes for 5% of the total vote. This is the largest vote total ever for a Green running for statewide office. It ensures that the Green Party maintains it’s ballot status as a recognized party in NY. This will be the first time we’ve achieved ballot status for two consecutive cycles. It will make it easier for us to remain a ballot status party in the coming years. Howie’s vote total was significantly higher than the vote totals for both the Working Families Party and Independence Party (both of which endorsed Cuomo), dropping them down, giving the Green Party Row D on the ballot – now the fourth party behind the Dems (Row A), Reps (Row B) and Conservative Party (Row C). In effect, it makes the Green Party a true “Third Party” as the Conservative Party these days serves as an appendage to the Republicans. This should result in more respect, recognition, ability to raise funds, increased enrollment, as a bully pulpit to advance the Green agenda, and as a thorn in the side of the corporate party structure of the Dems and Reps, who won’t be able to so easily dismiss us. I’m proud to have done my small part to help this happen.

I also want to thank those of you who contributed to my campaign. This is truly appreciated as well. It helped me get my message out to more voters than I could have without your help.

2015 will be an off year for elections. The only office to be voted on will be for District Attorney. The Bronx County Green Party will be searching for a DA candidate. More importantly, 2015 will be a year for us to organize, grow and lay the groundwork for the important Presidential election year of 2016.

I do plan on running again in 2016 and will be building my campaign with all that I’ve learned from this and previous years. I’m confident I’ll be able to can count on all of you again. To quote Eric Clapton, I’m gonna “keep on growing, keep on growing, keep on growing, yeah, yeah, yeah.”


One response to “Campaign follow up: keep on growing

  1. thanks for your service…..every year we will get bigger and bigger!

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