A Change is Gonna Come

[This is the introduction to my “An Agenda for the Bronx” page on the campaign website.]

Change is already here. Not only are we experiencing the greatest global climate change in millennia, we are in the midst of unprecedented social, economic and political upheaval as well. These are not the artificial divides that our corporate influenced government manufacture. This is a struggle for the rights of the people over the forces of oppression, repression and suppression. Keeping us divided serves the interests of those who created the divides. It prevents us from working together to address and solve our shared problems and provide for our shared needs. While we’re fighting and arguing among ourselves, the corporate government is limiting or repealing our rights.  I don’t accept this as a model that serves the people.

The politics that all our elected officials of both corporate parties employ represents a tired and useless political paradigm. We’ve seen this arrogance, indifference and posturing with Ruben Diaz, Jr. in his dealings with Community Boards, community groups and his own staff.  In this respect, he’s no different than Mayor Bloomberg – or those who have shut down our government. We can and must do better for the Bronx.

The change I seek can’t be the superficial and cynical non-choice between the two parties representing corporate interests. It has to be a systemic and profound change that questions the assumptions upon which our society and politics is based.

The change must also be one of perspective. We need to see through the distractions, diversions and artificial divisions that are placed in front of us. We need to understand that the real division is between those who seek power and dominance over the masses for their own profit and the masses who seek to live in a world that provides for our necessities.

This change must come from within our hearts and minds as well. We must make the changes necessary to create a sustainable environment and a livable world. We must see ourselves as one.

This is the change that the Green Party (and I, as a Green Party candidate) represents. It’s a real change of hope, optimism and possibilities in a world of the genuine prosperity that arises from living in harmony with our environment, and not in the discord that results from dominance and exploitation.

In fact, this is more than just change – it’s transformation.


2 responses to “A Change is Gonna Come

  1. GreenRedJohnRey

    Great statement, Carl

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