Bronx Week: Green Party Candidate Says BP Office Should Give Residents A Stronger Voice

Erin Clarke of NY1 News interviewed me about my run for Bronx Borough President soon after my designating petitions were certified and it was a certainty that I’d be on the ballot this coming Election Day. The interview took place in my neighborhood at the Step In Restaurant in Parkchester. I’m very pleased with the final result which aired on Monday, Sept. 16 and will be repeated all this week for Bronx Week.

Bronx Week: Green Party Candidate Says BP Office Should Give Residents A Stronger Voice.


In a borough where Democrats hold most of the elected positions, a Green Party candidate has emerged to challenge Ruben Diaz Junior for the Borough President seat. NY1’s Erin Clarke filed the following report.

Carl Lundgren joined the race for Bronx Borough President because he says, “I saw that nobody was running against Ruben Diaz Junior.”

The 60-year-old Green Party candidate says he’s not a traditional politician, just a man of the people. He grew up and still lives in the blue collar neighborhood of Unionport and says unlike Ruben Diaz Junior, he would represent the borough’s interest.

“He’s not here to listen to the concerns of the people and the Green Party stands for that,” said Lundgren. “I will listen to the people. I’m part of the people. I want to see what you need. I want to see what you want. And we’ll work together to try to make those improvements.”

And just how would he do that? First, Lundgren would like to give residents the power to pick community board members instead of the borough president appointing them.

“One of the first things I would try to do is establish community assemblies or peoples  assemblies in different neighborhoods and have them decide who they want to be on the community board I think the people have to have a say who’s on their community boards,” Lundgren said.

Lundgren also wants to focus on cleaning up the borough’s parks, instead of promoting projects like the Donald Trump golf course at Ferry Point Park and providing more services for youth.

“We worry about the crime rate, we worry about youth being disengaged from the community, well why is that? Because we’re not providing them with any services and we’re not listening to them either,” Lundgren said.

But Lundgren knows he has an uphill battle running against the incumbent who has already beat out a Democratic challenger in the primary. Despite that, he is confident in his chances, saying the people want more of a say in government.


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