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The Office of Borough President

“The Borough President works with the Mayor to prepare the annual executive budget submitted to the City Council, reviews and comments on major land use projects, and proposes sites for City facilities within his jurisdiction. The Borough President also monitors the administration of City services and engages in strategic planning for the economic development of the borough. He appoints a representative to the New York City Board of Education and the New York City Planning Commission. The Borough President also appoints the members of the Community Boards and is the Chairperson of both the Borough Board and the Borough Services Cabinet. Among other distinctions, the Borough President sits on the New York City Off-Track Betting Site Selection Board, and is a trustee of the New York City Employees’ Retirement System. The Borough President’s Office also houses the Borough’s Topographical Bureau, which is responsible for maintaining the borough’s official maps, and assigning street addresses.”

The Bronx is the unappreciated jewel of New York City. From its earliest days, it was recognized for its natural beauty, and legislators made every effort to protect and preserve as much of the land from development as possible. As a result, the Bronx has more park land and virgin forest than all the other boroughs combined. Unfortunately, today’s elected officials no longer share the vision of their predecessors. Much of our park land is being turned over to private, for-profit interests, depriving us of our legacy.

The disparity between the North Bronx and the South Bronx in terms of environmental, economic and social problems continues to grow. The South Bronx has long been the dumping grounds for all manner of detritus (often toxic) going back decades. This was also by design. Our past legislators didn’t always get it right. The North Bronx receives a disproportionate amount of resources, effectively writing off the South Bronx, relegating the residents to second class citizenship. If projects do come their way, it’s in the form of gentrification or for the benefit and profit of outsiders. In return, residents receive more traffic congestion, an increase in asthma and other chronic conditions, and an influx of clueless strangers.

But the Bronx is also the home of hard working, resilient, proud, defiant, no nonsense people. We have talented, creative, innovative people who are sharing their vision with their communities, whether its taking over abandoned lots and creating community gardens and urban farms, organizing worker cooperatives, or creating art and music. They need to be encouraged and applauded for their efforts, but more importantly, provided the resources to continue their work.

The Borough President has no executive powers. They reside with the Mayor. Neither does the Borough President have legislative powers. They reside with the City Council Members of the borough.  The Borough President has the job description depicted in the opening paragraph of this page but that doesn’t mean that we can’t redefine or create some new roles.

The major change I want to implement for the office of borough president is that of an advocate for the people; the spokesperson for the concerns and issues within our communities. I want this to be a bully pulpit for the people, where we take our demands to the mayor and city council.

I’ll stand with the people of the Bronx, not with the commercial and private interests out to exploit us. I’ll stand with the groups fighting for dignity and respect for their communities; I’ll stand with our people against the heavy handed and unconstitutional practices of our police department; I’ll stand with our people in protecting our civil rights and liberties; I’ll advocate for our youth, who need the resources and facilities to express themselves through art, music and sports in a safe and nurturing environment, and welcome and encourage them to be a part of the decision making process.

You’ll find more detailed and specific information about my campaign and platform on the other pages of my website: www.ElectCarlLundgren.info


2 responses to “About My Campaign

  1. Great statement, Carl. As a candidate for NY City Council, I should mention that the Borough President also may submit legislative proposals to the Council. As a future member of the Council (and if somehow I am not elected, I look forward to serving on the Green Shadow Council), I eagerly await the legislative proposals of all Green Team 2013 candidates in NY City, and especially those of the Green Bronx Borough President . Let’s turn Bronx Borough Hall into the people’s Green Borough Assembly!

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